I'm so glad I found this discussion board. I am currently in crisis. My beloved 8 year old german shepherd suddenly went weak in the rear end two nights ago and yesterday was unable to walk. Our vet suspects a disc injury, and has recommended we either spend ~$5000 on spinal surgery or euthanize him. I am just heartbroken about it. He has sensation in his legs and genital area, but can only move his legs minimally.

I came across this website featuring the dog carts, and am trying to decide if this is the best way to go. We can't afford surgery, and even if we could, I don't think he could withstand the surgery on account of his significant heart murmer.

I have concerns about the quality of life issue, and whether or not he will have ongoing pain with a disc that has not been operated on. I'd rather put him down than to put him through pain, just because I want him to continue living.

It's been over 24 hours, and he hasn't urinated or passed any fecal material. When I stimulate his anus, he has, what I believe to be normal sensation there, so I'm thinking he'll just go when he needs to. When I press on where I think his bladder is, I can't feel anything bulging, so I'm not certain if he's just not full or I'm missing it. I pushed in on both sides just above his penis, but nothing comes out.

Have any of your animals spontaneously ruptured a disc? Am I to assume he was injured somehow? If this is always true, then all I can think of is that perhaps our 10 month old german shepherd puppy, all 70 pounds of her, pounced on his back in play.

How many of you have had successful surgery done on your dogs and have them completely regain their range of motion? Is it always a limited return, or do some completely return to their normal activity levels?

Oh, I am so overwhelmed my head is spinning. Thank you for listening. And thank you in advance for your help. I truly need it.

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