My dogs name is Dilly he is a 12 year old pug. He has severe athritis. He has also been going blind and is losing his other senses as well. Because he is blind he follows us everywhere, he is always under our feet and we constantly trip on him. We tell him to go lay down your going to get hurt and he won't listen. He is always roaming around and never listens to go lay down dispite the fact he is constantly getting hurt either by us or running into stuff. This is very frustrating, as being pregnant I have almost fallen multiple times over him. Also, he has stopped informing us of when he needs to go potty. He will go in the house multiple times a day without warning, even right after he has been outside for a good amount of time. He knows better than this he has always been such a good obediant dog but now im at my witts end and not sure what to do. We dont want diapers, as soon we will have enough of those to deal with and the dog is messy with himself. We have tried seclusion, but he steps in his own mess and tracks it everywhere! I need suggestions, help anything that could help with this very difficult situation.

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