I am trying to sort out with my 4 month old Labradoodle and was hoping some knowledgable folks could maybe help me out.First issue. Feeding. How can we get her to only eat at set regular times? At the moment we put the food out at reasonable breakfast, lunch and dinner times and she wont eat at those times so on occasion we have been known to just leave the food till she eats it in her own time which I am completely aware is the wrong message to send. We are a working family and she needs to be eating at reasonable regular times. The knock on effect is her toilet times are unpredictable as well. My suggestion after reading it online was to put her food down and turn up on an egg timer for 30 minutes and if she does not eat then the food is removed and she has to wait until the next meal time. Is this sick or a sensible way for the dog to know when feeding times are and they we are in charge of it? We are feeding James Wellbeloved.Next. Pulling on lead while walking. While walking she is always pulling on her lead and jumping at people and dogs (in a i-want-to-play type of way) and also trying to chase cars as they pass. We bought the gentle leader collar but the situation is more embarrasing with that as she literally throws herself on the ground and rolls about trying to get the collar off - and this is not practical when it is raining and the ground is soaking and muddy.

Please help.

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